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Thread: MC3000 cycle mode capacity bug?

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    Default MC3000 cycle mode capacity bug?

    I got strange result when cycling two batteries.
    They were two Sanyo 3.7V lithium-ion, type was UR14500P. Rated capacity was 840mAH.
    I put them on slot 1 & 4 and used D-C-D mode to do 2 cycles. When done I saw capacity result in SOV (Slot Operation View) as below:
    --- Slot 1 ---
    CYCLE 1: 792mAh
    CYCLE 2: 793mAh
    Capacity: 793mAh

    --- Slot 4 ---
    CYCLE 1: 809mAh
    CYCLE 2: 809mAh
    Capacity: 847mAh

    In TOV (Total Overview), slot 1/4 capacity was 793/847.

    It was strange why slot 4 cycle 2 capacity was not 847. I did not find any description in instruction menu about the "Capacity" number in cycle mode. As I know it should be the latest charge or discharge capacity, as during the cycle process. Then slot 4 cycle 2 capacity should be 847mAh, not 809.

    I also saw similar problem in previous cycle mode test. Is it some software bug? If capacity result in cycle mode can't display correctly, it is big problem for MC3000.

    Anyone found similar capacity result problem in cycle mode? My MC3000's HW/FW version is 1.4/1.03.
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