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Thread: Post those >100,000mi vehicles

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    We have a 1994, 6-banger Toyota Highlander with 278,000 miles on it. As soon as we bought it, the sunroof motor went out on it and was replaced under warranty, all good after that. The underbelly has less corrosion on it than that of my 2 year old Tundra (we live in northern Illinois).

    If I had known this car was going to be this outstanding, I would have taken better care of it with transmission fluid changes, etc.
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    About a month ago I bought an '01 Honda Civic with 197k miles on her. I've been a huge Honda fan since getting into vehicles circa 2002 but have never had one until now.

    Immediately had the timing belt, water pump and drive belts replaced. She still needs ball joints and suspension bushings taken care of, along with an 02 sensor and front seat belt buckles replaced - then she'll be in pretty good mechanical shape!

    Sold the Achieva, which has been running strong and problem-free for over a year now: final mileage on her was about 127k.

    Our Olds 88 is now showing 218k and continues to provide excellent service.

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    Yesterday. On my daily escort...

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    My 1997 Honda Civic is on 118000 miles. It's done a few good trips to the mountains of Wales and Scotland. In the 5 years I've had it it's needed a couple of rear wheel bearings, the exhaust centre/rear sections have rotted through and been replaced and a piston had corroded and stuck in the brake caliper so it's had one new caliper too. It's been a lot more reliable than any of the European cars I've had.

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