Found this light in a discount store after seeing a movie last Sunday. Going back to pick-up some more.

$3.99 with Energizer batteries included flashlight. Lightbeam is almost similar to UK4AA with a bit dimmer hotspot and wider beam. Body diameter (2 inch.) and flashlight overall length (5 inch.) is just a bit bigger than UK-Syclone, with the head flaring out with its wider (2 3/4 inch.) reflector. Pull the head to extend the body and reveal bulb (PR35, 4.6v, 0.35a) in the transparent plastic tube to serve as lantern and push it back for the flashlight. The lantern part is not so good because the inner tube housing the bulb is not the clear transparent type, so the light is a bit diffused but it still gives out useable light. It is a flashlight and a lantern in one package.

Yes, I've also tried placing a 3-LED PR bulb for 3 cell, replaced one of the 4 batteries with a wood-nail (jumper), and it works fine.

- verge -