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Thread: KLARUS Mi7 COLOURFUL Giveaway!

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    Crackup KLARUS Mi7 COLOURFUL Giveaway!

    Hello Everyone,

    Thank you very much for all of you participating in this Mi7 Colourful Giveaway with big enthusiasm. Here finally comes the result!

    This time the 7 winners are:

    103 Newlumen (Emerald green)
    22 stephenk (Mil-spec olive drab)
    38 Noctiluco (Bright silver)
    27 martinaee (Glacial Blue)
    124 Ishango (Emerald Green)
    20 Sivy (Bright Silver)
    14 lumosmaxima (Emerald Green)

    Each will get a Mi7 for free, congratulations!
    Please PM your shipping address (Phone number must be included!!!) ASAP for us to arrange shipping, thanks a lot.

    How to pick the winner number?

    Everyone who participate in this activity have published a post, and each post have a number. This time the post number is from 2 to 147.we picked the winner numbers from this web, https://www.random.org/
    I generated 7 times for different numbers, I have screenshotted the picked number pictures to post here, please see attached.
    If same number come two times or more, or the number came out is invalid (the post is not accord with our rules), I would regenerate for a different one.

    I think this way is fair to everyone, if you have better suggestion to choose winners, please tell us.

    Our next Giveaway on CPF & KLARUS facebook page:

    Our next Giveaway for Thanksgiving Day on CPF & our facebook page will be launched in the middle of Nov, please all of you keep an eye on us.

    LIKE our facebook page to have more chances:



    Hello KLARUS fans,

    This time KLARUS will carry out a COLOURFUL Giveaway for our vibrant Mi7. Please join us, come on!

    We just have the colourful Mi7 released and will have 7 lucky winners.

    The Mi7, A kaleidoscope of colors to fit your every mood:
    Exquisite Rose
    Emerald Green
    Serene Lavender
    Glacial Blue
    Bright Silver
    Obsidian Black
    Mil-Spec Olive Drab

    - CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, Max output 700 Lumens; Max runtime 67 hours.
    - Small and lightweight for everyday carry. (26.4g without battery.)
    - Battery Capacity Indication displays remaining power for easy monitoring.
    - One Touch Access to Moon-light and High output levels.
    - Lock-Out mode specially designed to prevent accidental activation of the flashlight.
    - IPX-8 water protection

    More details, click

    If you'd like to join this funny giveaway, please post the colour you like. For example, if your favorite colour is blue, then post "Mi7, I love the Glacial Blue most.", double post or post without according this rule will NOT be counted.

    We will count posts from today to Oct 31th, and then publish the result on Nov. 1st, thank you for all your participation and good luck!

    Another Giveaway on KLARUS facebook page:

    The COLOURFUL Giveaway is also carried out on our facebook page.
    LIKE our facebook page to have more chances: https://www.facebook.com/klarusflashlight.cn

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