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    Hi Guys,
    Unfortunately I have encountered an issue with the 3S converters from the latest batch that has forced be to return them to Japan for evaluation. As a result, the only converter I am working with now for the 3V lights is the HIVE converter and it is programmed by default for use with RCR 123 rechargeable batteries and not a good choice for use with CR123 batteries unless you chose to reprogram it yourself and back off the current setting on the high level. It will probably be a month or more before I am working with the 3S converters again. It might be a case of a few bad IC's getting included in the batch but I need to get a handle on the nature of the problem from the designer and rely on his expertise on this matter.

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    Roger that

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    Just an observation: my HiVE light engine in the 119v Haiku was set-up for use with primaries (option 3), I had to reprogram in to option 2 (Li-ion optimal) so that I don't drain my rechargeable batteries too much since their voltage is higher.

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    Egdima, your comment is not relevant to this particular thread. On that note, the Hive will function perfectly fine and safe set for primaries (default setting) using 16340 li ion and I actually prefer this setting for that usage. Using the 2xAA setting however isn't optimal for 16340 but I find it preferable for CR123 primary and obviously 2xAA. I don't use the li ion settings at all anymore (unless you want a quite early step down).
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