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Thread: New generation 18350/18650 are coming from Chinese factories.

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    Default Re: New generation 18350/18650 are coming from Chinese factories.

    Yes sure. They are already on the market - check latest HKJ's review of 26650 5500mAh cells Furthermore, chinese factories now produce 22650 @ 3000mAh @20A and even knock off tesla's at 20700 (haven't tested them yet).

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    Default Re: New generation 18350/18650 are coming from Chinese factories.

    The cell in the iJoy 20700 is from one of the Chinese manufacturers, I assume?

    This is an overrated 20700 cell (20mm diameter x 70mm length) that performs well but not quite as well as the Sanyo NCR20700A. Its appearance is similar to the Panasonic/Tesla cell, with its 5-leg top contact, but I cannot confirm that this is indeed the Panasonic cell. There are differences in the top crimp seal and tooling marks.

    This iJoy uses a multilayer paper top ring insulator that should not be exposed to juice or otherwise it could swell and soften, possibly increasing the risk of the insulator being damaged when put into or removed from a device or charger.

    I am rating this iJoy at 30A and 3000mAh. Its maximum vaping amps (MVA) rating is 40A, limited by temperature.

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    Default Re: New generation 18350/18650 are coming from Chinese factories.

    Yes sure

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    Default Re: New generation 18350/18650 are coming from Chinese factories.

    I once made the mistake of buying 4 Ultrafire 3000mah 18650's a couple years ago. Did not read the fine print that they were made in China. At the time I had a new I4 charger. I got the cells for my old TK15. Just charging the cells was a potential fire hazard. Believing they were actually 3000mah cells I thought I would get advertised run times and output from the old TK15. A freshly charged cell would last 15-20 minutes in the light before they needed to be charged again no matter what output setting the light was on. More than once while charging these fake lithium ion cells they would put out an overwhelming chemical smell. The I4 really did not like the Ultrafires. More than once these cells would charge to full(all 3 LED bars lit)then suddenly drop to one bar. I educated myself on other 18650 cells then got a pair of Fenix label 18650's they were rated at only 2700mah but ran the TK15 to its advertised specs.

    I really did not appreciate being duped by the false advertising for the Ultrafires and one day decided to take an Xacto knife and dissect one of them. End results-these Ultrafires had no actual protection circuits despite being advertised as protected. The button top positive end was just a piece of metal shaped like a protection circuit. Proceeding farther I cut open the cell itself which was surprisingly easy. It was as if the metal under the wrapping was made of tin. Inside the cell was a bizarre off white compound of unknown substance then beneath that was the lithium ion(supposedly)wrap. There was not much wrap inside the cell at all. The strangest thing I found was a thin metal cylinder at the center that went from the positive end to the negative end. I have no clue what metal it was made of or why it was even there. At the time the cells were on the expensive side. Lesson learned I tossed the Ultrafires and moved on to real lithium ion cells from known manufacturers. I always double check to make sure the core of my 18650's are Japanese made now. It really gets to me that these exact same red wrapped Ultrafires are still being sold. Looking back I am lucky they did not burst into flames and that the overwhelming chemical smell they put off while charging did not kill me.

    Yes I know that the re wrapped brands get their wrapping and protection circuits put on in China but so far that has not been an issue.

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