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Thread: New Makai 6V-XM-L

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    Default New Makai 6V-XM-L

    Hi All, I'm new to the forum and wanted to share a couple of photos of what came in the mail today. I had been searching for a used Makai for several weeks and finally broke down and contacted Don for a new one. In the words of my generation: "Totally Awesome!" Don, thank you so much for a great piece!

    makai 1.jpgmakai 2.jpg

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    Default Re: New Makai 6V-XM-L

    Welcome and congrats!

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    Default Re: New Makai 6V-XM-L

    I have one and love it! There is a Makai check-in thread a little ways down.

    Congratulations on on a nice purchase of a great product.


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