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Thread: FS: Ti Modamag Draco w/custom stonewashing

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    Default FS: Ti Modamag Draco w/custom stonewashing

    TRADE PENDING. $180 $190 $200 Modamag Draco Ti, Custom Stonewashed
    comes with a Sunshine Products Ti capsule (which I also stonewashed) for spare battery storage, batteries and charger as shown.
    10280 Batteries are probably nearing end of life. After a charge, the voltages drop down to a lower level right away and stabilize.
    I did the stonewashing on it after cleaning up some carry marks.
    there is no trit installed in it, but the slot is there.
    FluPic engine. it looks like a 5 mode. H-M-L-Delayed High- Ramping
    the current batteries when the charge shows them at 4.2V, when you take them off, it drops to about 3.5 then stabilizes. so is taking on a surface charge, which means part of the cell is probably fried.

    Here's the beam color shot. Draco in the middle. Maratac Rev 4 XP-G2 on left, 4Sevens NW engine on right.

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    Default Re: FS: Ti Modamag Draco w/custom stonewashing

    Very cool lights for sure. I'd buy this one if I didn't already have several. :-)

    Also nice beam shot. What were the other two lights?
    It is better to buy a beautiful, expensive, custom flashlight than to curse the darkness.

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