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Thread: Quality of Armytek Wizard Pro Xhp50 USB

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    Default Quality of Armytek Wizard Pro Xhp50 USB

    It has been some time ago since I put a post on the forum but now I thought it was time to post something positive.

    I have had many driver and switch issues with Armyek products in the past (4 wizards, 2 wizards pro, predator pro). That's the reason I start skipping the lights of this manufacturer. But, I was really impressed by the new Wizard Pro warm with XHP 50 LED and USB charging function so I pulled the trigger and I bought one.

    I have to say it is a great flashlight with amazing brightness. It works as advertised and seems to be very reliable. I think I have the new batch with nice round cooling fins around the head of the light. I will post some positive things below:

    - nice retail box
    - correct user manual
    - two quality check stamps on the retail box what means (I guess) they have improved quality checking before leaving the factory
    - works as advertised.
    - rechargeable battery included
    - no proprietary battery needed. It just has able to handle 7A, protected or unprotected. Even less than 7A when you don't use the highest turbo mode.
    - nice stiff switch feeling
    - color indication of temp and remaining power level
    - hidden strobe modes
    - great mode spacing, very useful
    - nice user interface
    - lubricated threads
    - very nice new clip, easy to place and remove the light
    - very pleasant color temp (warm version, is personal thing)

    The only minor negative point is the charging time. It takes a while till the battery is fully charged (charging rate is about 600mah and dropping down in time to about 200 mah). But that's the only minor thing and I can live with that.

    So thumbs up for Armytek !!!
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    Default Re: Quality of Armytek Wizard Pro Xhp50 USB

    is it waterproof with the USB port open like for instance the UC35? Thanks for youre mini review. I got the warm white Viking Pro it is so bright at max I almost never use that setting...

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    Default Re: Quality of Armytek Wizard Pro Xhp50 USB

    You're welcome! It has a magnetic USB charging module on the tailcap. This is completely waterproof and very easy to connect.

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    Default Re: Quality of Armytek Wizard Pro Xhp50 USB

    Thank you for your opinion!

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