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    What were the colored lenses used on the old L shape style flashlights? The one that the bottom unscrewed and had multiple lenses. I think the colors are blue red and yellow. Was it for pure signaling?

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    The one I had as a kid had red, white, and textured.

    The red is to protect night vision. The textured was a diffuser. I think the white was for when you needed to see color, but wanted to keep the light low. Sort of like moonlight mode ;-). For example, if your map has red markings, you can't read them with a red lens in place.

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    Are you sure those are the right colors? Also had one as a kid.

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    According to Olive Drab .com:

    The WW2 right angle light started out as a TL122, then a A model, then a B, and C. The D model was where the spare lenses began. Red, blue and a spare clear. And yes they were for signaling or just putting out a lot less light. Red makes it really dim where blue dims but makes map reading with red markings easier to read.

    It may be that you guys had the next generation of right angled military lights.. the MX 91 or 991U. They had blue, green, anmber, red, blackout and diffuser. Blackout being the white lens. Diffuser was textured.
    You can still acquire the lens kit at Fulton. It comes with gaskets and lenses and a new bulb.
    You can also acquire an LED upgrade kit from Fulton, which includes a real nice PR based emitter and some D to AA adapters.
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    We used lights with red, green, blue,
    and there was no "color magic" - like preserving night sight - involved.
    Red: to give stop/careful Signal
    Green: go on
    Have no real memory to blue, maybe just for reduced Output. But then there was an extra outside Flip cover for that, too

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    The led conversion adds some new light to it. Be careful cleaning some of those old ones though

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    Fulton makes LED variants?
    That is a must have.
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