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Thread: Yuji high cri 5mm LEDS group buy

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    Just wanted to share the mods I've done so far.

    The round body A2 is my go-to outdoor light, it has a multi-mode calypsoii ring with 2x 3200x45 Yuji LEDs and 1x 5600x45 Yuji LED. With a Tad's adapter and his 140lm bulb this light is versatile enough to be the only light that I reasonably need, plus I llove the 2-way pocket clip.

    The 4 flats A2 has Koala ring with 3x 3200x45 Yuji LEDs

    The e1e has a Tad's adapter with a 5600x45 Yuji LED. Rather faint light but it has its use.

    The cheap off-the-bay clip-on reading light is a VERY useful thing. I modded two of them so that they provide a shadowless light for close-up work. Here are some details:

    The light:

    This is how it clips on my glasses:

    The guts:

    Here how it works

    Now I always carry two of these clip-ons in my bag.

    What I need to make besides these lights is a multimode light that holds a few tens of these 5600 LEDs so that total output would reach 100lm or more. Something like one of those cheap off-the bay headlamps but in a handier form factor:

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