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Thread: Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

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    Default Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    Official specifications:
    • 100% brand new GTL123A 3.7V 2800mAh rechargeable batteries
    • Capacity: 2800mAh
    • Voltage: 3.7V
    • Chemistry: Li-ion
    • Recharge: up to 1000 cycles

    The latest scam in high capacity 16340 batteries.

    They are a bit below rated capacity, actual capacity is 250mAh to 300mAh at low load. they do not support moderate or higher loads.

    They do not contain energy enough to get warm.


    These cells may be cheap, but compare to what you get they are way to expensive. Any decent cell will have about double capacity and handle higher load much better.
    I will rate them as bad

    Notes and links

    How is the test done and how to read the charts
    How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
    More about button top and flat top batteries
    Comparison to other LiIon batteries
    My website with battery, charger, usb reviews, comparisons & information:
    Latest addition is multimeter reviews

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    Default Re: Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    Thanks HKJ!!

    LOL!!! 2800mAh! At first look I said,,what??,,,maybe they mean a 26650!

    To to think that the average Joe,,,,,,actually waaay below average Joe w/ fall for that!

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    Default Re: Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    2800 mah rated, 285 mah tested.

    Obviously they misplaced a decimal point.

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    Default Re: Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    These batteries deserve the name: Get The F

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    Default Re: Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    Maybe the reason that capacity was not measured properly is the fact, that testing equipment does not follows specifications defined by battery manufacturer, as it was in case with 2700mAh AA batteries?

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    Default Re: Test/review of GTF TR16340 2800mAh (White)

    Should have been called WTF TR16340.

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