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Thread: Test/review of Sanyo UR16650ZTA 2500mAh (Magenta)

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    Default Test/review of Sanyo UR16650ZTA 2500mAh (Magenta)

    Sanyo UR16650ZTA 2500mAh (Magenta)

    Official specifications:
    • Rated capacity: 2330mAh
    • Minimum capacity : 2380mAh
    • Typical capacity: 2500mAh
    • Nominal voltage. 3.7V
    • Charging voltage: 4.35V
    • Charging current: 1190mA

    Test at 4.35V charge voltage

    This battery size matches two CR123 batteries in diameter and length, but has lower voltage. In some cases it is a very good replacement.

    The cells match fairly well and can deliver 5A, but not 7A.

    Test at 4.30V charge voltage

    Reducing the charge voltage means about 80-100mAh less capacity.

    Test at 4.20V charge voltage

    With a regular 4.20 volt charger the capacity is reduced 260-280mAh.

    The cell needs to warm up before it can handle a 5A discharge.


    This cell cannot match a 18650 cell, but when the slightly lower diameter is needed it is a good cell.

    Notes and links

    How is the test done and how to read the charts
    How is a protected LiIon battery constructed
    More about button top and flat top batteries
    Compare to 18650 and other batteries
    My website with battery, charger, usb reviews, comparisons & information: https://lygte-info.dk/
    Latest addition is multimeter reviews

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    Default Re: Test/review of Sanyo UR16650ZTA 2500mAh (Magenta)

    Thank you! I've been waiting for this. I love this cell, run it unprotected with a 3.7v xenon p60 and it's light years ahead of my former protected aw 17670. Plus I've always liked the concept of the higher voltage chemistry, whether or not it's practical, it's effective for incandescent use.

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    Default Re: Test/review of Sanyo UR16650ZTA 2500mAh (Magenta)

    This is a great alternative for 2 CR123 E Series lights on non critical use.

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