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Thread: Help me choose a charger

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    Default Help me choose a charger

    I'm looking for a simple charger, just for one 18650 and one 26650 and decided on either an XTAR SV2 (Rocket) or VP2.
    Sure, the SV2 loads faster but -- otherwise -- which of these would you prefer and/or suggest?
    However narrow-minded it might be, I like the fact that with the cable at the back, going into my computer or onto the back of my desk, the display of the VP2 is up at the front.


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    Default Re: Help me choose a charger

    How simple is simple?
    I have the Xtar VP2 for 2 cells and for 4.3V charging though my Xtar MC1 got more use since it's a single bay USB charger.
    It has since been replaced with an Olight UC Universal Charger. The Olight uses magnetic ends so it can accommodate any size cell, auto detects & charges both Li-Ion and Ni-MH batteries plus you can put it in either direction.

    The more knowledgeable on these boards may have better suggestions.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a charger

    I have a VP2 and a VC4 so I can cover most/all li ion chemistry and nimh/nicd.

    Vp2 is a great charger, and I love the fact that it has a power supply, no usb.

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    Default Re: Help me choose a charger

    Thanks, guys. I did of course forget to say that one big advantage that the VP2 has (which I know of) is its voltage display. Any others I overlooked?
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