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Thread: Need a charger recommendation

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    Default Need a charger recommendation

    I have an XtarWP2 charger that I've been using to charge a few AW 3400mah 18650 that I have for my flashlight. I recently find I have use for some AAA and AA batteries in some lights and some other devices and was thinking of buying some Eneloops and a charger. I've been trawling the web trying to pick one and after a lot of reading I see there are a few chargers that will charge both Li-ion and Ni-MH which would be convenient allowing me to charge all my batteries on one charger. The few I was looking at were the Opus BT-C3400, Xtar VC4, and the Nitecore D4. Which of these would be the better charger? Or would I be better off going for a separate charger for my Ni-MH batteries like the Technoline BC1000? And one last question - the suggested charging current for Eneloops is 0.5C? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I believe the consensus here is that of the three the Opus is the best, with the Xtar right behind, and the D4 in third. Of course, there will always be contrasting opinions, but in general, any one of those three will give you good results.

    Any NiMH charger worth while should be using the standard NiMH charging profile, which would include the proper charging current.

    I use my Xtar VC4 for my 18650, AA and AAA NiMH cells. I got an Xtar VP2 when I started using 14500 and 10440 cells, since I wasn't comfortable with the 0.5A charging current of the VC4 for them, especially the 10440. I like the VP2 because it lets me select a 0.25A charging current. And if I ever get any LiFePO4 or 3.8v cells, it will charge them too. It just doesn't do NiMH.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm still going around in circles - I've gone as far as the skyrc mc3000 and back as far as a Panasonic bq-cc17 - I'd have bought the Panasonic if I'd seen it with a UK plug. I'm now looking at an Xtar VC4 or else the €25 delivered LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500. I don't want to start a career in battery analysis I've realised and just need something simple and cheap that will charge my batteries correctly. I'm three or four days reading at this stage, who'd have thought there'd be so many options when buying a charger

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    You'd be better served with either the Opus BT-3100/3400, or the Liitokala 500 Lii Engineer. I have the VC4 and it's a nice USB charger, but it's not in the same league as my BT-3400. I've got two each of the Liitokala 100s and 202s, but they're 1-2 bay USB chargers, but quite flexible, doing just about every common cell/battery that we use.

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    mate, if you have ikea around, buy ikea ladda charger for nimh...it is 99% the same thing as panasonic bq-cc but much cheaper...

    as for lion, you already have good suggestions...

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    Default Re: Need a charger recommendation

    After days and days of reading I've finally settled on a Ikea Ladda YH-990BF for €12! 1A charging for AA and .5A for AAA - simple charger that does the job

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