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Thread: HDS Systems EDC Rotary (2xAA)

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    Default HDS Systems EDC Rotary (2xAA)

    $475 PayPal only.
    250 Lumens (Cree XP-G2)
    2xAA Battery Compartment
    Clear glass lens (not sapphire)
    Standard beam reflector (also including flood reflector)
    Titanium smooth bezel with 3 tritium slots (tritium vials not included)
    Also included is a Thor's Hammer Custom Holster.

    I've had this light for about a year now, it sits more than it's used. I've used it for work on many occasions so their are some signs of wear.
    I've noticed I need a hi-cri more than I need long runtime so I'm selling this for funds for another light. I hate to sell this setup but I can't justify it sitting around without use.
    If you have any questions please ask.
    The only trade I'm interested in is a hi-cri haiku.
    All sold as one, I am not selling anything here separately.
    Thank you for looking.ImageUploadedByCandlepowerforums1490027713.384247.jpgImageUploadedByCandlepowerforums1490027748.872638.jpgImageUploadedByCandlepowerforums1490027765.132030.jpgImageUploadedByCandlepowerforums1490027781.824746.jpgImageUploadedByCandlepowerforums1490027790.113310.jpg
    "I'll take it" trumps any pm.
    No international shipping, US only.
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    HDS Systems EDC Rotary 250

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    Default Re: HDS Systems EDC Rotary (2xAA)

    Price pls!

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    Default Re: HDS Systems EDC Rotary (2xAA)

    $475 PayPal, sorry about that.
    HDS Systems EDC Rotary 250

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    Default Re: HDS Systems EDC Rotary (2xAA)

    Price lowered to $400.
    HDS Systems EDC Rotary 250

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