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Thread: Prometheus QR Heaven

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    Default Prometheus QR Heaven

    Here's the latest for those not on the mailing list.

    The Kappa is going all out. Jason is releasing the

    Kappa in Copper, Aluminum, Delrin, and Lexan! Get

    in on the launch release on Kickstarter here to be

    first to get yours.


    You are an awesome backer: Thanks very much for supporting my recent campaign!
    Kappa Keychain Kickstarter Launch!

    Live right now!

    ************************************************** ***************
    Second try: sorry about the previous email that made no sense whatsoever. Some glitch in my mailing list automation served a really old and irrelevant post. What you need to know is below:
    ************************************************** ***************

    Hi all! It's been a while but I've just launched a new Kickstarter campaign!

    Click here to go directly to the campaign.

    If you follow my work closely, you’ll know that the Kappa QR was originally released with my last Kickstarter project for the Epsilon EKO. Until now, the Kappa was only available in brass but after a lot of requests, I'm ready to go all in and deliver a variety of new materials!

    The Prometheus Kappa Quick Release (QR) design is identical to (and compatible with) the Beta-QRv2 Keychain Flashlight quick release. Just like the Beta-QR, sometimes you have things on your keychain that you may need to quickly and easily detach. That might even be your keys! The Kappa QR delivers the same convenience and security in an entirely new way.

    Thanks for your support and patience!



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    Default Re: Prometheus QR Heaven

    They Are HERE !!!!

    All the varieties of Kappa QR's are in stock right now.
    Check them out.

    These make great gifts and compliment the Beta BR Flashlights perfectly!

    Above A Nickel Beta QR with it's Polished standard original Brass QR V2.

    Below A Nickel Beta QR with a Polished Nickel Plated Kappa QR V2 !
    I will post a new family photo soon. Waiting on a few lights to come in.

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