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Thread: Uh-oh, flashlight got wet

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    Default Uh-oh, flashlight got wet

    This light is maybe 3 years old, bought it at Costco, it is a Feit Electric light; it is similar to this one but I doubt my 3-year-old light is 1000 lumen --

    Probably is a 500 lumens model. Like the one linked, it uses 3 D batteries. Anyway, gf left it out in the rain. I think it even fell to the ground. Not sure how wet it got, if it was submerged or not but it rained 3 inches! It won't work but after I took it apart and let it dry overnight, it did flash on one time but that was it so far. Letting it dry some more. Is there any way to take these apart or do you just toss it if it won't work?
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    Default Re: Uh-oh, flashlight got wet

    Put it in a sealed container or large ziplock bag along with rice. The rice will help dry it out more. I'd do this for at least 24 additional hours.

    Since you had already tried it since and it flashed and died, I suspect that it wasn't completely dry when you tried it and something shorted.

    If you cannot recover it, those are relatively cheap at Costco anyway. I'd probably recycle it. If you're a little lucky, Costco may let you return or exchange it (assuming that it was a single light in the package) although they tend to want returns with everything (original packaging, etc.)

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    Default Re: Uh-oh, flashlight got wet

    I concur with SoCalTiger-the flash was probably a short. My oldest son had a propensity to drop anything electrical in the water(cell phones x 5). If I got it into a ziplock bag of rice without it being turned on, it was almost always saved. If it was turned on before being completely dry-not so much.
    I hope I am wrong & it comes back to life. If not, now may be a good time to switch to a Surefire 6P or similar host, or a mag light. If somehow the electronics get fried(for any reason), it is easy & inexpensive(relatively) to replace the driver/led. Good Luck, and don't be too hard on your gf, she just gave you a reason to buy a new light!

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    UPDATE. I let the flashlight dry out a few days and then tried it. Nothing. Put new batteries in, it worked fine!

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