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Thread: Cheers to 4sevens customer service!

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    Default Cheers to 4sevens customer service!

    I just got off the phone with foursevens customer service. Last week I order the mini mkii combo in copper or so I thought... thru an issue with my cpu or their site, not sure of which my order went in as a black aluminum mini.

    It arrived so I called the rep, had me pay the $3.60 dif because apparently I was only charged for the alum too, and is shipping me the copper today! That's awesome I will be mailing the black version back ASAP as well.

    So cheers to foursevens for having great customer service!
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    Default Re: Cheers to 4sevens customer service!

    My Quark Prism kit split while I was using it during the hurricane earlier this week; I called FourSevens up and they're shipping me a replacement. Awesome customer service!

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    Default Re: Cheers to 4sevens customer service!

    I called about a twisty (Quark Mini) that I bought from them 7 years ago that was getting erratic (skipping modes, etc.). I assumed it was a worn o-ring, and I couldn’t source one locally at all; it was an odd size. I assumed, after 7 years, I wouldn’t be able to get one from them, but they had a couple in the mail the same day. Cleaned the threads, replaced the o-rings, added some new Nyogel, and she’s back in business. They were super nice about it, too, and wouldn’t take a dime. Great people!
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    Default Re: Cheers to 4sevens customer service!

    Thats confirmation 7yrs on that you made the right choice

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