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Thread: SKYRC B6AC+ V2 inaccuracy

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    Default SKYRC B6AC+ V2 inaccuracy

    Dear candlepower gurus

    Long story short I purchased a imax b6 clone wasn't happy with the performance and I sold it to purchase a true OEM skyRc Imax.

    Made the choice of the SKYRC B6AC+ V2 http://www.gearbest.com/multi-rotor-...pp_279723.html with correct hologram on back to prove OEM.

    From day one I had a serious issue with the units accuracy doing 18650 capacity tests. Using 4 OEM Panasonic NCR18650B 3.7V 3400mAh 18650 Li-ion Batteries the unit would register 2100-2400 mAh. I as well have a opus charger and it reads 3450-3500mAh.
    Did a number of tricks using the NiMh discharge cycle to set the discharge cut off lower and made no noticeable difference.

    Contacted SkyRc and lets just say this company has the worst customer service. It took months to finally get a hold of anyone, nobody answers customer service email, nobody answers facebook page. Posts are blocked on FB.
    Long story short the response from SkyRC was a new low for a company. I did everything they asked and ever step of the way they tried to use excuses to not fault the unit. After 6 months they finally agreed the unit was defective and told me it would be 45 USD to send me a replacement. Which I responded that how did the retailer send me the unit for free, and 10-15 other resellers form china have free shipping.
    And I questioned the shipping cost verses them trying to just recharging me for another unit.

    Once again communication was difficult and I asked for a direct contact to manager or supervisor in customer service. Which they just ignored

    So I do recall seeing some posts/forums about replacing internal components on clone B6's to make them more accurate.

    Not sure if anyone can be done with calibration crossing fingers possibly someone in the forums has seen this.



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    Default Re: SKYRC B6AC+ V2 inaccuracy

    Did I post this in the wrong section ?
    possibly 18650 section ?

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