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Thread: Want to have a Fenix LD22 modded

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    Default Want to have a Fenix LD22 modded

    I don't know much about lights, I'm really new to actually learning stuff about them and I have a Fenix LD22 (the newest version) and I rarely use it. After "the new wore off" I went back to my olight m1x striker for edc mostly because of the extra lumens. What kind of options would I have if I were to have someone here on CPF do some mods for me... both functional and aesthetic.
    I apologize for my noob-ness but appreciate your patience lol
    Thanks in advance fellas

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    Default Re: Want to have a Fenix LD22 modded

    go to to the V54 section of the custom/modders section of the forum. Shoot Vinh an email about what he can do with it and or what you want done to it. Want to double the output? No problem for Vinh. Want to double the range? No problem for Vinh. Want a different tint color? Also no problem for Vinh. It will cost you but Vinh can do basically anything you want with an LD22. Vinh always beefs up the electronics which is awesome. Higher quality wiring and soldering etc. Shoot him an email...

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