I bought a pair of BlueTooth headphones recently from my local Mill's Fleet Farm. They were on sale for 25% off when I bought them. I have a pair of wired headphones and I was looking forward to going wireless when mowing my lawn and using my string trimmer.

Somewhat to my surprise, these did not have a built in battery or come with any sort of batteries. They accept either a pair of AA batteries or their optional battery pack. I happened to have a some Eneloops that I had received when I bought a Uniden BCD325P2 scanner. The headphones work just great with the Eneloops.

A couple of days later, I happened to realize that these have a micro USB port for charging the optional battery pack, so I decided to see what the price and specifications are. The proprietary battery pack is $29.99 and 3.7V 1100Mah 4.1WH. My Eneloops 2300 Mah each, for a total of 4600 Mah! I guess that probably really won't surprise anybody here, though. So, unless I am missing something, why would someone want to buy the proprietary battery pack for this headphones? I suppose there might be an argument to be made for the convenience of charging in the device, without removing the batteries. It just sort of seems like a "no brainer" to me to use Eneloops rather than spring for the optional battery pack. Perhaps I should add, too, that a a pair of Eneloops seems top be readily available for under $10.00.