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Thread: Charger not just for flashlights

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    Default Charger not just for flashlights

    I am trying to find a charger that:
    - will charge devices via usb
    - has a 120V AC outlet
    - uses rechargeable, replaceable AA LSD NiMH batteries
    - will start a car

    Note: A moderator here told me to post this question here.
    I realize this is not a perfect fit for this forum.

    I have looked at:


    My understanding is that not one of these meets the above criteria.

    If someone recommends another web site on which to post this question, great.


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    Default Re: Charger not just for flashlights

    Yes, this subforum is correct for your thread ... although I think most of these units are based on Li-Ion batteries (?)
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    Default Re: Charger not just for flashlights

    Not going to happen using NiMH AA batteries, for starting a car, at least.

    Look at the better reviewed li-ion car starter packs, that have USB charging connectivity and usually a little light built in, for seeing under the hood, in the dark.

    They usually come with some 12vdc adapter that plugs into your wall outlet at home, to charge the starter pack back up.

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    Default Re: Charger not just for flashlights

    Yeah, unfortunately I doubt anything exists that meet all of your criteria. Most of the newer portable car starter packs use li-ion and they are not designed to be user replaceable. Also will be tough to find one that also has a 120VAC outlet.

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    Default Re: Charger not just for flashlights

    Thanks for the comments.

    Very helpful.

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    Default Re: Charger not just for flashlights

    I have a few jump start Li-ion packs they do work well but as said most can't be replaced cells wise easily. Saying that they should last for some time unless you are a very heavy user on the power bank function. For that reason I keep one for jumping and another power bank for phones etc. If I run across one I'll let you know. I pulled a few apart they work using capacitors too boost the current. Started a lot of cars/vans with them far nicer than hassling around with jump leads

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