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Thread: Miboxer new charger release C2 4000

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    Buttrock Miboxer new charger release C2 4000

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    Default Re: Miboxer new charger release C2 4000

    From what I can tell, it looks like this has everything I want in a charger. Resistance, Voltage, Amps, mAh. Time remaining may not be useful from what I've seen on other chargers, but it doesn't hurt as long as the Voltage can be seen while charging. The charge % is nice too.

    On second though, the LiIon charge rate is a little too low for me at 800mA. The NiMH is way too low at 350mA; I use 1000mA, even 2000mA regularly. Still a nice charger, just not something that will replace my current lineup.
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