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Thread: Dedoming XPL2,XPG3, XHP50.2/70.2

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    Default Dedoming XPL2,XPG3, XHP50.2/70.2

    Hey guys, just thought I'd share some knowledge with you all about the above mentioned LED's.

    They can all be fully dedomed with pretty decent results. They just need a little more work that their predecessors.

    Firstly they are NOT distributed phosphor. The dome is crystal clear, it's yellow appearance is due to the fact the whole emitter surface is covered in phosphor.

    Slicing and dedoming does not seem to have as drastic an effect on tint as it does with previous version.

    When sliced and dedomed they get a strange green halo, this is where the extra work comes in when dedoming/slicing.

    To get rid of this green halo you need to take a very sharp knife or razor blade and scrape off the excess phosphor around the emitter.
    There is no need to worry about damaging bond wires as they are all flip chip design so the wires are under the emitter.
    I have dedomed a 50.2 with great results,
    86kcd I'm a smooth C8 reflector.

    Unfortunately I did this in haste and have taken no pictures.
    I have a couple of XPG3's on the way so when they arrive I will do a step by step.

    Hopefully this will be useful for some out there.


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    Default Re: Dedoming XPL2,XPG3, XHP50.2/70.2

    Dedomed XHP50.2, XPG3, or XPL2 in a TN42 host sounds attractive. Thanks Thom2022!

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    Default Re: Dedoming XPL2,XPG3, XHP50.2/70.2

    I saw this topic on the other forum. Thank you for bringing it here too. CPF is sorely lacking on modding information.

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    Default Re: Dedoming XPL2,XPG3, XHP50.2/70.2

    Thanks for the good information Thom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by staticx57 View Post
    I saw this topic on the other forum. Thank you for bringing it here too. CPF is sorely lacking on modding information.
    No problem. part of the reason I joined the other forum is they are heavily mod focuses and work through a problem as a group, where as here it seems to be if it's dismissed then that's it and no one tries to find a solution.
    One guy there pointed me in the direction of another who had sliced and scraped the excess so I took the idea and jumped straight in. He had done an xpl2 though so the 50.2 was a bit of an 'oooo errrrr' moment but it works.
    Apparently dedoming is still a no no but I got mine super hot and just lifted the sliver of silicone that remained off the die. I'm going to try a different method when my G3's arrive of: slice -> soak in MEK -> scrape excess.

    The gains from slicing and dedoming are not as impressive as with previous models but you still get 70-80% more intensity.
    But 70-80% out of a die with greater efficiency and ~10% more output is no bad thing.

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