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Thread: The vintage California cop light company thread

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    Default Re: The vintage California cop light company thread

    Nice to know we are not bidding against each other here for these items.

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    Just saw this serial number on a 2nd gen 2D Kel-Lite.
    My thinking was the lettering was "KA", KB",KC" etc, or no letters.
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    First vintage cop light in a while arrived.

    Advertised as a Maglite from the 1960's that was used by a retired police officer, I scooped up this like new mid 80's 2D Maglite for about the price of a steak dinner at a restaurant chain plus a nominal shipping fee.

    A pre-D serial number in the 600k's it was 246 away from being #700k. (699754 for those in Yorba-Linda).

    Much nicer than the one I already had.
    The ugly one will get modified with a pair of 26mm cells and a 6 cell bulb to make it a sleeper light.

    Outfitted with an acrylite lens from flashlightlensdotcom.
    Allows 94% light through a slightly difused lens vs the stock one at about 92%. But the difusion really cleans up the beam of a stock 2D krypton.

    All but the lens o-ring were in great shape, but I replaced 'em anyway. New reflector too. Everything inside was nice n shiney even though there was evidence of an alkaleak at what appears to have been at the bottom of the up front battery at one point. I put on a lanyard ring'd tailcap and a new WhiteStar bulb.

    I like showing my friends and family a 2D Maglite. They always comment "how bright those things used to be" in this day n age of all things LED. I absolutely love, love, love those 1970's cop lights, but there was something special about those Maglites in the 1980's.

    America was in a good mood. The economy was booming. Disco was gone. Radio stations were pumping out Elvis Costello, the Cars, Echo & the Bunneymen etc. Cable tv was exploding like an atomic bomb giving the masses 23 channels to pick from, ESPN was born, Richard Petty won his 200th and the 2D Maglite was available to the masses and was known as the one that no longer required a whack to the palm to burn nice n bright.

    My first son was born around the time this light was made as well.... so this recent acquisition is certainly stirring up some friendly old ghosts... rip mr policeman who once owned this light....
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    Very clean looking! Time to put that bad boy to use.

    How's about a vintage California trucker's light post? I recently picked up a Kel-Lite Stud-Lite on flea-bay. It's shown below with one of my 3D Vari-Beams. There's a black one up currently that I'll be a bidder on too.

    For those that don't know, Stud-Lite was Kel-lite's attempt at marketing outside the law enforcement market. Norm Nelson, Kel-Lite's 2nd president after Don, came from Per-Lux, an truck lighting manufacturer so he believed there was market for flashlights geared towards truckers. He wasn't correct and Stud-Lites were short lived. I want to say they were produced from 1976 to 1978. I have some more pics and some Stud-lite memorabilia I'll post up soon too. The light is identical to a medium head D cell Kel-Lite. I think these were only produced in medium heads. I've seen them in 2 -3 D and C cell. Longer lights are possible but I haven't seen them.
    Always looking to buy Vari-Beams and Vintage/Rare Mags especially a 7D. Please let me know if you have any, top dollar paid.

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    Good score on that blue Stud-Lite. All I'd ever seen was black... in 3D. But a 2D with medium head sounds like a well balanced light. 3D even better.

    I see lots of good California Cop Lights at the Bay lately, but my little hoarde is pretty complete these days.

    That Truax mentioned recently was an epic score by konifans. Good stuff.

    I couldn't bare to just stash that ugly 2D Maglite so it got a PR xenon and some Rayovacs. Noticeably brighter at a wall 10' and a cleaner beam than the krypton. And I just had to have a lanyard tailcap, so I scored a sub $18 one from eCops (my favorite Streamlight parts seller).

    Best of luck on the black Stud-Lite. Perhaps a side by side 2g Kel-Lite vs a Stud-Lite is in order to show whether or not they differ beyond the bezel and tailcap. Do parts cross match, etc etc.
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    "Girls from Montana are good dancers" -PK

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