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Thread: Focusing a Romisen L-B030

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    Default Focusing a Romisen L-B030

    I have an old Romisen L-B030 green laser and I ask if is possible to focus the beam. Even by adding an external lens.

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    Default Re: Focusing a Romisen L-B030

    Interestisg article but in pratice where I can find lens fitting this laser?

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    Edmund Optical offers various lenses, including some for laser collimation. https://www.edmundoptics.com/optics/optical-lenses/

    Note the variety is large and the prices usually start at the $25-50 a lens level.
    They do have loads of expertise and their people are helpful.

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    Default Re: Focusing a Romisen L-B030

    If you can buy the X3 beam expander from Sanwu,do it.I have one and it is very good,as they are the lasers they make.The URL is https://www.sanwulasers.org/.
    You have to communicate first with them to know if it is possible to fit this expander to your laser.
    Look at this as well. http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/fs...ase-93166.html
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