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Thread: WTB DEAD Tain Ottovino V1 parts

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    Default WTB DEAD Tain Ottovino V1 parts

    I need to revive a dead Ottovino that I got with a badly
    corroded battery. The LE & reflector/glass are all ruined.
    glass may be salvaged but I can see damage to the coating.
    Not positive of the version light I have but it looks like
    a 2x12 Trit in back if that helps. The reflector seems
    shallow compared to a 47's P1. I'm open to buying a
    complete dead light as long as I can remove the pill
    also. Please reply via PM if you can help.

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    Default Re: WTB DEAD Tain Ottovino V1 parts

    Hey Art, have you tried to contact Yitsan? He helped the guy from this thread

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