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Thread: ASP Flashlights...Thoughts?

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    Hey everyone!

    I have a 2AA Triad Flashlight that is made by ASP (company that makes police batons). It feels really well made and I LOVE the switch! I like that the switch rotates to three positions (locked, constant, momentary). I am considering purchasing a few more (specifically the CR1 and CR1).

    Has anyone had any experience with this brand of lights? I like the one I have, but I am wondering if anyone else has had any experience.


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    I have had several triad lights on my baton over the years , they are some good lights , pricey but definitely awesome , they can deliver a beating as well as take one ,back several years ago ASP discontinued one of there less than popular batons it's a he'll of a piece of pipe that nobody wanted to carry because it's huge collapsed, it opens into a full size riot baton add the triad on the back and it's not very practical,back when I was on the job they made the triad in halogen and then xenon and now LED , when I take the dog out at night I bring that thing with me collapsed its an imposing site ,flick of the wrist and you can really reach out and touch someone , there is a company that sells law enforcement and fire rescue supplies online called galls ASP makes a cheaper baton for galls to market as there "own" and over the years guys have though I will save some money and get the galls version and put the triad on it , however they where smart enough to change the threads on the baton end cap so none of the ASP accesories will screw on there are all different end caps with everything from a grooved mushroom end for better control to a three pronged carbide end for taking out windows , all of ASPS stuff is built to last and take a beating , they sell through dealers but you can also go to there website and find discontinued models on the cheap sometimes,when you put a triad on baton with the ASP rotating side break poly carb holder they last practically forever ( the old saying if you think it's unbreakable give it to a cop , they will figure out how to break it ,is truth ) so engineering something that they can use day in and day out is hard ,so ASP makes a great product , enjoy your light ! I probably have a couple of the non LED old ones around the house somewhere .I have a bunch of old lights rolling around here that I have to find someone to make a pill to convert over and repurpose.
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