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Thread: Dead NiZn > Discharged fully for months

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    Default Dead NiZn > Discharged fully for months

    Hi guys,

    I had some Nickel Zinc batteries in my handwarmers sitting for months, and decided to check them yesterday and found they are all at 0.2V ( Dead ), let's say 4 out of 6 take only max 3mah, what does it cause to not charge anymore ?

    I know you should not discharge them down to 0v ( but to 1.3v and then recharge ).

    Should i contact the seller about it ? They are less then 7 months old.
    For sure they tell me send the old ones back and you will get new ones, i still have 7 out of 8. 2 are still ok ( let's say 900~1100mah out of 1500 ).

    Reason of not using alkalines is because the handwarmers draw the batteries down to 1v in less then 4 hours.

    I have more luck with nimh batteries.
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    Default Re: Dead NiZn > Discharged fully for months

    NiZn battery`s have to be treated with kit gloves, don't overcharge or overdischarge even then the seem to die, they are not really worth buying, I wanted them for the higher voltage than nimh battery`s for my ancient sony mp3 player as the battery gauge does not show full for long on nimh battery`s but even them they seemed to go flat even when unused for a couple of day`s in the player.

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    Default Re: Dead NiZn > Discharged fully for months

    Have an upodate on these batteries.

    inserted them in my charger again and made 1 cycle.

    First one took no more then 3 mah charge and 1mah discharge.

    Charging again and one took over 1000mah already, weird isn't it ? Hope they do well on discharge also.

    They are not even heating up, so that might be a good sign.
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