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Thread: Brightest Double AAA light?

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    Default Brightest Double AAA light?

    Hey guys-

    For work, I use a flash light fairly regularly and currently use a Streamlight Microstream.

    I like it due to it's small size and it's fairly bright.

    Would you candlepower guru's have any suggestions on a better single or double cell flashlight?


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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    That is a pretty broad request. Brightness, tint, CRI, runtime, building material, PWM or not....and many more parameters to consider.

    Have you tried to narrow down your search a bit?
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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    You have *no* idea that can of worms you just opened.

    A couple of quick suggestions: the Streamlight Stylus Pro is basically the x2 AAA version of the Microstream.

    The Mini-Maglite in x2 AAA is surprisingly nice.

    In Wal-Mart, they have a no-name penlight that runs on x2 AAAs and has a nice bright flood pattern with a tail clicky. I was pleasantly surprised at $14.
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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    Depends on what you mean with brightest. The nitecore mt06 got a tiny xq-e led that will give a brighter hotsopt than the normal 2xaaa lights. They also have a version with nichia hi cri led. But if you want most throw go for the xq-e led, it will be hard to beat in terms of lux.

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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    I guess it was a broad request..

    Let me try and narrow it down.

    Run time isn't terribly important, I typically will look at whatever I need to look at briefly and keep moving. Most of my flashlight use involves looking at ID tags hanging off valves or leaks on pipes fairly high 20'+ into the overhead of our plant.

    I don't need a wide flood pattern but more of a focused spot light.

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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    Perhaps check out the " Recommend... " subforum, and especially the stickied questionnaire.

    If you decide to copy/paste/comment with that there, just let me know and I'll close down this thread.

    Here's another link that may be of interest,
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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    Probably a rear clicky, for the kind of use you're describing.

    Take a look at the Preon 2 by FourSevens. Runs on x2 AAAs, with five lighting plans to choose from, including a single mode "high" which fits your description.

    And here's a review of the Preon 2 on CPF:!
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    Default Re: Brightest Double AAA light?

    Cause you never mentioned budget. A very important factor on this forum.
    On the Cheap:
    For $20 or so, maybe try out a MiniMag AAA. Pretty sure you can add a Tailcap switch too.
    I like the Lumintop AAA. It has a nice beam.

    Double the budget & double the fun!
    Peak Eiger Ultra QTC AAA. It can run on standard Alkaleaks or 10440 cells. 10440's will give you 3.7 volts vs the average 1.5 volts from a regular alkaline AAA.

    Now for a different school of thought.
    If you like the AAA due to size and want power, search up BLF X5 XPL-HI. It is what I would call AA forum factor. It runs on a 14500 cell. Like I mentioned above, these are 3.7 volt cells, unlike a 1.5 volt alkaline. This light throws very well. Great for brief illumination.

    So to sum a few things up if I went way over board:
    10440 are rechargeable and the same size as a AAA cell. They are unprotected and typically put out 3.7 volts. A light running one of these on high can only run short bursts and the battery will not last as long as a regular AAA.
    The 14500 is the same as above but in a AA size.

    Also know, there are some normal AAA lights like a Streamlight single AAA that can run a 10440. They will typically put out a good bit more light and usually it's ok for short brief blasts. However, Use at your own risk. Also, you can't stick two 10440's in a light that holds two AAA's. The voltage will fry stuff instantly.
    Sorry if I went way out there. lol
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