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Thread: Modify led driver - removing strobo mode

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    Question Modify led driver - removing strobo mode

    Hi to everybody,
    I have since some years a bycicle headlight with 3 leds and 3 modes: High, Low and Strobe.
    Now I would like to try to remove the unused modes and leave only ON-OFF.

    The ICs have no text on them

    Do you understand something from the pictures?

    Cheers from Italy

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    Default Re: Modify led driver - removing strobo mode

    Yes, I understand some things from the pictures, but probably not enough to help.

    1. It's a switching regulator. The large part with '220' on it is an inductor, a sure sign of a switcher. It probably has a wide input voltage range, like 6-18V.
    2. The on/off switch is momentary. That means the Microcontroller (part marked "U2") is what actually turns the light on and off.
    3. I'm guessing the red and green LEDs are an indication of battery charge. That feature also comes from U2.
    4. It's probably possible to do what you want but you'd have to remove U2 and change the switch, or reprogram U2.
    5. It's probably a Magicshine driver (got that by googling TR-0110B).
    6. There's not a lot of information about it on the web, though if you are persistent, you might find more than I did.

    You may be able to replace it with a different driver with the features you want. You would want to search based on :
    1. Diameter of the board
    2. Input voltage
    3. Output voltage and current. If you don't know this it can be determined from other things.

    Good luck!

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