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Thread: I need help. Led helmet setup

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    Default I need help. Led helmet setup

    I need help, im trying to put 2 leds in my new motorcycle helmet, the helmet has 2 clear reflectors attached to the side vents, i want to run orange leds. I need to run them off AA batteries in series (3v) or 2 cr2032 batteries. I need help with details on what exactly I need. The lights will only run at night and will be on a switch. The LEDs I have ordered from LED Supply they are 5 mm. The kit must be concealable in helmet or waterproof. Please help me Design This.

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    Default Re: I need help. Led helmet setup

    Lights on a motorcycle helmet are a bad idea. Lights on non-moving parts of the bike, and lights on the handlebar/fork are OK, but on a helmet there is too much random motion and too much separation from the rest of the vehicle that it is just confusing or distracting for other drivers.

    Reflectors are one thing, but actual lights (even orange, which isn't a motor vehicle lighting color) are another.

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