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Thread: Index of reviewed chargers with parameters

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    Default Index of reviewed chargers with parameters

    I have wanted to make this index for a long time, now I got the time. It contains most of the chargers I have tested/reviewed listed with a couple of parameters. There are different versions of the index, the first one contains all the chargers, the other ones are filtered in some way.
    To ask questions about a specific charger, find the review here on CPF (They are all posted here) and post the question in that thread.

    There is probably a couple of errors in the list, I will fix them as fast as I find them or is notified about them.

    I could not post the index directly here, but only an image. Click on the image to go to the real index.

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    Default Re: Index of reviewed chargers with parameters

    Thank you for your hard work in putting this together. I know this will be helpful to me as well as other people who are new to battery chargers.

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    Default Re: Index of reviewed chargers with parameters

    I also thank you for all your reviews and work..
    I am surprised as to how many products are out there today compared to 5-6 years ago.

    When Tesla introduces a new battery design I wonder what will happen to the flashlights that
    the 18650 lithium-ion battery supports?

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    Default Re: Index of reviewed chargers with parameters

    Well, that made shopping for a new charger really easy. Much appreciated!!


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