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Thread: FT12 Fiters for Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight XT12GT - New Product Release!!!

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    Smile FT12 Fiters for Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight XT12GT - New Product Release!!!

    Dear XT12GT Flashaholics,

    How long time youíve been wishing to own a Red, Green or Blue Filters when hunting, hiking, fishing, crossing in foggy area?

    No need to wait any more, here comes your helper ===>>> the FT12 Filters

    FT12 Filters for the Klarus rechargeable tactical flashlight XT12GT(Bezel around 45mm) are developed and designed to extend the opportunities of flashlight usage and make your devices multifunctional and more efficient. You will get a wider beam that covers large area and provides perfect light for camping lighting and indoor usage with these diffusers. With such filters, the flashlights will be better suitable for close actions, reading, items search etc. Color filters are mainly used in tactical lighting.

    The Red Filter has a larger number of applications. Used for emergencies, caution and hunting to not spook game, great for penetrating fog or smoke. Some animals canít see red light so itís good for night hunting and is good for map reading because it doesnít disturb night vision. Flashlights with red filters are also widely used for signage.

    The Green Filter is suitable for hunting, hiking and tactical use as a beam of green light canít be seen from aside and doesnít disturb a game. Green light is also very popular for night time map reading and covert operations because it does not disrupt night vision.

    The Blue Filter is widely used for night fishing, tracking wounded game, and close reading as well as navigation devices. Blue light is also perfect for reading chart and maps.

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