My friend has a "worklight/torch", old model, it uses 4xC size NiCd batteries (hard soldered) and simple, dumb, trickle charger, which takes almost 24 hours to charge them. As torch is quite old, cells died, so friend asked me for upgrade. I've upgraded it with 4x AmazonBasic AAs, and friend is happy, since runtime is great, but weight considerably reduced. However, now he wants faster charging too. Is there any simple way to get these cells charged, while still in the torch? I know that any hobby charger, which can do multiple NiMh in series will do the trick, but they all have many buttons, menus, etc. He wants simple and fast solution, so if you can reccomend me a simple to use charger, without many buttons, which can fast charge 4 pieces of NiMh cells in series at same time, I would be very thankful.