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Thread: DRL bulb for 2007 Honda Pilot?

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    Lightbulb DRL bulb for 2007 Honda Pilot?

    my honda pilot 2007 daytime running lights burned out but they are not the same size as h11s. the bulbs say stanley 9306. do you guys know what size this means? thanks

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    Default Re: DRL bulb for 2007 Honda Pilot?

    Welcome to this forum. I have moved your post to its own new thread, because the old thread you added it to was not about this topic you're asking about (please don't do that).

    Your '07 Pilot uses HB3 (9005) bulbs for the daytime running lights, as you can easily learn by using one of the online bulb guides such as this one from Philips.

    Be sure and use a legitimate 9005 bulb with clear glass. Don't use "LED bulbs" or "HID kits" or blue-colored bulbs or any other junk like that.

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