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Thread: Cibie 95 yellow fogs

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    Default Cibie 95 yellow fogs

    In May I successfully bid on and received a pair of the aforementioned fog lights (NOS condition, never used or mounted) for 20 euros (with covers). I was just wondering - since the forum seems a bit slow at the moment - what the verdict of the resident experts is of these lights.

    I plan on mounting them on a 2007 Renault Kangoo in place of the (both broken lens) factory fogs which are absolutely useless in foggy conditions. It will take a bit of work but is do-able.

    Also, I'm well aware of the limitations of fog lights as a whole. What I'm looking for is increased peripheral and forward vision compared to I have now. eg barely lights up the sides of the road. The factory headlights are excellent, probably the best halogen headlights I have ever driven with, but in deep fog they don't show the edge of the road enough -mostly B class roads with no outside lane markings - and the factory fogs hardly make any difference at all.

    Opinions on these lights?

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    They're good fog lamps.

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    Default Re: Cibie 95 yellow fogs

    Good lights, but those H2 bulbs gave me fits for years. They never seemed to make great contact with the connectors and would corrode or pit.

    If anyone has any tips on dealing with H2 contact points please post.

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    Thanks for the insights

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