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Thread: Help Identifying Imported Hella Lights

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    Default Help Identifying Imported Hella Lights

    Hey guys, first time poster, hoping to get some answers.

    I imported a rare aftermarket grille for my car, and cannot find where (or what vehicle) the headlights originally came from.

    After trying a few other forums, my friend suggest the Automotive section of CPF. So, heeding that advice, here I am.

    They are Hella Quads. 5.75 inches, inners are high beam, outers are low beam.

    H1 bulbs.

    The lens match E30 lenses but I cannot figure out these mounts. It uses 4 bolts which pop into the little white clips on the light itself.

    Also, the original HELLA stickers are still there with the HELLA part number, but searching it yeilds nothing, and HELLA has not been responisve when I asked for help.

    The low beams alo have the smaller bulb that act as a marker light, which appears to be another indication of it being from Europe according to my research. No idea how strong that information is though!

    Does anyone know what car these came off? I would really like to have a backup plan before I break something attempting to retrofit or modify.

    I will post a couple more pictures below, as well as the entire gallery if you want to see some other angles.

    I have scoured the internet for months with almost no luck.

    The grille came from Greece, although the seller said that it was originally imported from a different country. He wasn't sure which, as it had been acquired years ago and sat on a shelf that time forgot.

    I also apologize in advanced for what appears to be different font sizes, as a lot of this text I pasted in from my post on HIDPlanet.


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    Default Re: Help Identifying Imported Hella Lights

    Hi, welcome to this board. That is a Hella BiFocal H1 European-code low beam for right-hand traffic, with a specific mount setup. similar to those used on some BMW 3-series (E-30) models of the early 1980s. Take a look at this picture and this picture, those are the BMW 3-series lights, note how the mounting tabs are similar, but placed differently. That makes your job in finding this lamp extra-hard, because there were a bunch of variants that look the same from the front but don't interchange in the fit/mount/aim department. A pretty good possibility is that this was a non-application-specific version of that lamp, bought by makers of aftermarket headlamp kits like yours and incorporated into a variety of kits and applications.

    It looks like your best bet is Hella part number 1B3 005 365-077, which was discontinued/stocks exhausted sometime in 2010, so you'd have to keep your eyes open. This shop in Roumania claims to have ten of them in stock, but if I were you I would get them to send me a rear-view photo to make sure before buying.
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