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Thread: New charger needed

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    Default New charger needed

    Last year I bought four Tomo chargers, two M2 and 2 M4's. The M2's bit the dust within a few months, and the M4's are still working but deliver inconsistent charge current with brand new USB cables.

    I need recommendations on 2 or 4 18650 cell chargers that have a visual cell charge state and current supplied LED panel like the Tomo.

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    Default Re: New charger needed

    I have had great experiences with Xtar chargers. The VP2 and the MC1 in particular. I am especially fond of the VP2. It does everything I need it to do and does it well. The website "Lumens Direct" formerly known as "Xtar Direct" is the place that I purchased mine. If you search CPF, user HKJ has great charger reviews. Best of luck.
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    Default Re: New charger needed

    A lot of chargers fit your description. Anything else to go by?

    Price important?
    Liitokala chargers are great value for money.

    Want something small, that can be used as a power bank in a pinch?
    Nitecore F1 or F2 might be interesting.

    Want fast chargers?
    Nitecore SC1 or SC2 will default charge at a high rate (they can have a bit of a hum while idle though).

    Want a fancy expensive one?
    SkyRc MC3000

    Bit of a balance of everything?
    Opus BT-C3100

    I don't have any experience with xtar chargers myself, so I don't mean to necessarily suggest these are better than the xtars sgt253 mentioned. I know them by reputation, and people are generally happy with them. Just giving you some more options.

    Been considering an Xtar Dragon VP4 myself, which adds some analytical functions.

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    Default Re: New charger needed

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    I like Xtar chargers for lithium ion. VC4 is my primary charger.
    The TK20. Yes it still rocks.

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    Default Re: New charger needed

    Nearly bought a skyRC mc3000 several times, also the Xtar Dragon.............still today my opus bt c3100 v2.2 has not missed a beat, does pretty much everything in need. It is left on all the time, used daily.............every day(unless I am away then its unplugged and took with me!). So bang for buck the bt c3100 still holds its own today imo. For a more involving/complex bit of kit that has had a lot of work done under its skin, the mc3000 would be worth looking at.

    The dragon is a chunk of a charger, only thing that has stopped me so far is the lack of lower charge rates(for smaller cells). Not too taken in by the probes either, untidy does my head in so could see me having the probes stashed away after the novelty wears off(subjective and probably just me).

    Upstairs i have the xtar vp2,vc4 and xp4 which are all good chargers, latter no V readout but can charge 1a on all 4 bays if desire. Work the xtar vp2/ sp1 and opus bt c100, all have been issue free and used many many times(works chargers 5 days a week thankfully!).

    Over the years I have had 2 issues, a nitecore i4 started to loose bays and the xtar sp1 plug blew inside(charger fine).

    For more info check here on HKJ's excellent page

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    Default Re: New charger needed

    Most people have no need for an MC3000, especially when there's more and more analyzing chargers available. Things like checking capacity and internal resistance can be done on much cheaper products.

    Ignoring the geeky and premium factors, and the available data and readout, the biggest advantage of the MC3000 today, is perhaps the ability to finely tune operations. For long term storage of batteries, you can set termination voltage to 3.92V for example, high enough to have useful capacity and avoid damage due to self discharge, yet low enough to avoid voltage related stress. You can choose to drain at a specific rate to test the batteries, but only down to a set level, and so on.

    None of this is really needed if you just need to charge some batteries.

    If on the other hand you're a bit of a battery geek, you have a large number of cells, and a very specific opinion on what you'd like to do with them, it's great!

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    Default Re: New charger needed

    I have the Tomo too. It's more like a powerbank if you asked me.
    You can charge unprotected 18650 with it too. Takes like 8 hours lol.

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    Default Re: New charger needed

    From my personal experience:

    Xtar SV2 -- perfect function;
    Xtar VC4 -- perfect function;
    OPUS BT-C100 -- many bells and whistles, but kind of smelly;
    Nitecore F1 -- could be perfect, but supports Li-Ion only and terminates early (4.16V);
    Nitecore SC4 -- could be perfect, but emits an audible hiss when empty or all batteries are full; terminates early (4.16-4.18V while indicates 4.2V).

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