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Thread: Cheers 1pt21

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    Buttrock Cheers 1pt21

    This one started about a year ago with an FL2.

    At one point I started a thread in the "collecting" section and recently he posted an offer to place one of PK's former company (Icon) in my collection.

    But why a Cheers thread?

    Today a box arrived at my house with the light. Now being a flashlight geek I have no life. 1pt on the other hand is a modern day Evel Kneivel with a large family, a bunch of adventerous friends and a hectic career.
    Yet while on vacation he took time from his busy schedule to purchase some really nice, vintage lights to toss in the box. And it came with an NIP Icon Modus 2.

    At one point he sent me an uber rare Icon Link to round out my Icon collection and an early Nite Ize owned Inova X1.

    The 2D BMG 'fridge' light will be restored soon.
    Inside was nice n clean. A bit of Mothers Mag wheel polish and some plasti-X should make it look like new on the outside.

    The Icon Solo melds into the PK collection well

    A Rayovac Sportsman spotlight circa 1960's (based on the logo), a Modus 2 still in package, and a 3D Eveready Captain circa 1960's (based on the switch).

    Thanks Paul. These will be placed in the museum. Now hopefully this won't start a collection of vintage lanterns.
    John 3:16

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    Party Re: Cheers 1pt21

    Thanks Byk!! Never thought I'd receive a CHEERS on CPF

    Interestingly, the magnetic "Fridge Light" labeled Bridgeport Metal Works or something like that on the bottom of the barrel was the most expensive of vintage light scores (by quite a bit). I was hoping maybe you, or someone else on here would have a clue as to why?? I could just be a sucker heh.

    I mean the Sportsman spotlight looks like its never been used, and the Eveready Captain is a known collectors item (though this one clearly had a battery leak in it at some point).

    Also to note, the Fridge Light had batteries inside and still worked when purchased (hmm, maybe that's why LOL)! I made sure to swiftly toss the expired (2009 expiry) alakaleaks in the trash after my recent experience, though amazingly they somehow did not leak at all.

    Super glad my entries found their place in the museum!!! It just felt so wrong to send you a package of broken lights after all you've done for me, plus my mother and wife will NEVER turn down a request to take a day trip hitting up NEPA antique stores... Looking forward to seeing those beauties cleaned up a bit, I just love the classic stuff from an era I'll never experience besides these little gems here and there...

    Cheers Buddy

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    The 'fridge light' by BMG was not a super-duper high production number like Evereadys and Rayovacs. I suppose the proprietor thought it "rare" and priced it accordingly.
    It was likely sold in ma-n-pa hardware stores like Burgess or Bright Star products were and not in big chains or what we now call box stores. If so it was in local to the factory type chains. Not an easy light to come by these days that's for certain.

    The Captain is a mess on the inside, but looks promising that some Christmas tree branch brushing will take care of that. (Baby bottle brush comes to mind)

    And the search has begun for an era correct battery for the Sportsman. My boss restores early 60's muscle cars and has the hook up on period correct batteries, bulbs, tires etc for cars, motorcycles, flashlights and stuff. (He turned me onto TungSol bulbs)

    The Modus will remain in the package as an experiment to see if the batteries will eventually explode. lol... that is expand enough for alkaleak to show up on the outside.

    You definitely shoulda gotten a cheers by now sir. But hey, ya got one now.
    John 3:16

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