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Thread: LX2s NIB At Galls-$99; E2DL-Us 600 Lumens $140 at Arms Unlimited

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    Default LX2s NIB At Galls-$99; E2DL-Us 600 Lumens $140 at Arms Unlimited

    This is my public service announcement for today.

    In poking around trying to find an EB2T I found that Galls has LX2s, NIB, on clearance for $99. I talked to them and confirmed they are NIB (not refurbs, etc.). They have 76 of them in their Cerrito, CA distribution center (not open to public). I've been EDCing this light for years, 80% of the time. The clips are fragile and Surefire has sent me one at a time a couple of times and then sent me FIVE last month, just for asking, and since I EDC the E2DL-U most of the other 20%. I find that if I clip it to side pocket of carpenter style jeans/shorts or to cargo pocket of cargo pants/shorts it does not get the stress of front pocket carry and the clips do fine. I had a carry, and then a drawer queen/backup of the LX2 and of a couple other lights I like so well that I don't want to be without. The 200 lumen max and 15 or so lumen low, tightly focused has been all I need for years. So I ordered two at this price, which means they just have 74 left, and I will have 4...... 8-)

    Arms Unlimited also has the E2DL-Ultra, 600 lumens version (supposedly--they don't answer the phone but are pretty responsive on email--just haven't heard back yet) on sale for $140. They have like 1400 of them in stock as shown by attempting a quantity of 2000 in my cart and having it adjust to 1467 or so. Still considering a couple, but I have THREE of the 500 lumen version since I like it well. Hmmmmm.

    Hoping this helps someone. The LX2 is certainly unique (now) and judging from a dozen or so threads I just re-read, it was a favorite.

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    Default Re: LX2s NIB At Galls-$99; E2DL-Us 600 Lumens $140 at Arms Unlimited

    This is not the proper forum for "Good Deals"
    ... is the archimedes peak

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