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Thread: Greetings from Coastal NC!

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    Default Greetings from Coastal NC!

    Yeah Cape Lookout and home of the best diving on the east coast. Gulf stream blue water and plenty of wrecks in the graveyard of the Atlantic.
    MacDiver = initials of MAC and a PADI Certified Divemaster.
    I am a vaper too. I haven't smoked in six years. Now I hate cigs or analogs as we call'em. I had been using AW 14500s and low resistance atomizers 1.5 vs above that to usually 2.0 to equal 5v to get the heat I like. In the last year due to cost I switched to Klarus 800s. No difference in performance but cost is half and I get another 200 amps I think it is but I can't tell any difference.

    I am an avid Hammock guy and live about 8 hrs from the Smokey Mountains and all that beautiful nature. It intersects the Applachian Trail in many places and we get on the Blue Ridge Parkway to and from many campsites.
    I use a Black Diamond Storm, 4 AAA headlamp and a tiny AA batteries camping fan. I was interested in simply finding out if I should use alkaline or lithium batteries only to have discovered a whole new world of new technology in batteries. I have all that posted elsewhere but I did a 180 to rechargeables, Ten... something, duh at 1000 mAh on the AAAs. I learned I just happen to be using a darn good charger, and matching wall wart and I didn't even know the significance. It takes good juice to run a good charger. Who knew!?!
    Now I'm really interested in learning more about this stuff.
    Wish me luck guyz!

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    Default Re: Greetings from Coastal NC!

    Welcome! It looks like you have many opportunities to use your lights and in various environments. Now is the fun part of learning, researching and buying tons of lights!

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