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Thread: Original Photo Contest - WIN Klarus Hot-Sale Flashlights

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    Arrow Original Photo Contest - WIN Klarus Hot-Sale Flashlights

    New! Original Photo Competition

    Enter Klarus Original Photo Competition for a chance to WIN


    1. the Compact Magnetic Charging Programmable Tactical flashlight Klarus XT12S(approx. US$86.95),

    More info about Klarus XT12S: http://bit.ly/2wIwsiJ

    YouTube Review for Klarus XT12S

    2. the
    Smallest Side Switch EDC Flashlight Klarus Mi1C (approx. US$64.95),

    More info about Klarus Mi1C: http://bit.ly/2iNh0fC

    YouTube Link for Klarus Mi1C

    3. the Lovely Colorful mini EDC Flashlight Klarus Mi7,

    More info about Klarus Mi7: http://bit.ly/2hujVtx

    YouTube Link for Klarus Mi7

    How To Enter:

    We’re looking for photos with the theme of "Klarus Flashlights". You can take pictures with any model of Klarus Flashlights in any situation. You have the full freedom to express yourself. We want to see the emotions that Klarus flashlights evoke in you.
    Photos must be original content and taken by the competition entrant. We will be judging on the content on the photo and not solely on the quality of the photo. Be sure to show clearly the flashlight in the photo.
    You may enter by any one of these means:

    • by publicly posting a photo on Instagram with the hashtag #klaruslighting

    • by publicly posting a photo on CPF to the post http://bit.ly/2wYAP6Y

    • by visiting our Facebook page @klaruslight and publicly posting your photo with the hashtag #klaruslight

    See the full terms & conditions below.

    Competition Closing Time:

    When the number of participants with original photo up to 150, 10 out of the 150 original photos will be selected out for polling, top 3 that gain most Polls will gain the Prize.
    1st prize: 1pc x Klarus XT12S
    2nd Prize: 1pc x Klarus Mi1C
    3rd Prize: 1pc x Klarus Mi7
    Each participant post one original photo only please, thanks.

    Share This Competition with Your Friends

    The winners will receive a Klarus Prizes and the photos will be displayed on the Klarus Facebook Mainpage @klaruslight and this post.

    • Facebook: @klaruslight
    • YouTube: @Klarus Flashlights
    • Instagram: @klaruslighting
    • Website: www.klaruslight.com

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    Default Re: Original Photo Contest - Original Photo With Klarus Flashlights to WIN Klarus Mi1

    Here's my klarus collection i love them!!

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    Default Re: Original Photo Contest - WIN Klarus Hot-Sale Flashlights

    "Twin brothers" https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1909788952616216&set=a.190978881928 2896.1073741835.100007553883290&type=3&theater
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    Default Re: Original Photo Contest - WIN Klarus Hot-Sale Flashlights

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