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Thread: Need a charger for 16650 and 17500 Batteries

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    Default Need a charger for 16650 and 17500 Batteries

    I am looking for a charger that will charge 16650 and 17500 batteries, as well as 18650. The Xtar VP2 seems to be a popular charger, however, it doesn't list 16650 as a compatible battery type. I was also looking at the KeepPower L2, which lists 16650, but not 17500. Will either of these work with both, or is there a better option for a similar price? Thanks for the help.

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    Default Re: Need a charger for 16650 and 17500 Batteries

    With normal LiIon the general rule is that any battery that fit in the charger can be charged. For best lifetime the current must not be too high for the size. In my reviews you can usual find a list of supported batteries* and marked with red if the current is on the high side.
    *I do not list all sizes either, but I show photos how well they fit in the charger.
    My website with battery and charger information: lygte-info.
    More than 1000 reviews of batteries, charges and other stuff.
    Compare 18650 LiIon batteries or smaller (RCR123, 16340, 14500, 10450) LiIon batteries.

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