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Thread: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,compare

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    Default Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,compare

    About a year ago, Olight released one of the most powerful flashlights that I ever met and tested: the X7. Four ďquad-ledĒ XHP70 emitters packed in a cola-can-sized flashlight. To get the maximum output of this torch, four dedicated high-drain 18650 were needed. Powered by standard cells the X7 didnít reach the 9000 lumens. Other users missed a lanyard or illuminated switch. All these things were kept in mind when Olight designed an update to this light, and the manufacturer came with another surprise too: the power was increased by 3000 lumens! So I was happy when the brand-new X7R arrived at my doorstep. In this review Iíll show you the specialties of the Olight X7R Marauder and compare it to the previous version, the X7. I will show you a bunch of comparison-pictures and will take both X7ís outside for a shoot-out too. Letís have a closer look at one of the most discussed flashlights of 2017!

    the rechargeable and updated version of the Olight X7

    the Olight X7R Marauder

    12000 lumens packed in a soda-can-sized light

    full of high-tech

    powered by three XHP70ís

    great option for searchjobs

    Here are the specifications, given by Olight:

    Key features of the X7R Marauder:
    Maximum output of 12,000 lumens, a 33.33% brightness increase over the original X7 Marauder.
    USB Type-C charging port and cable included, providing 3 times faster charging than normal micro-USB cable, and it is also quickly becoming the mainstream technology.
    Enhanced safety. Proximity sensor that drops the output automatically when the flashlight head approaches a nearby object. Active thermal management system that reduces the output when the temperature gets too hot to prevent any damage or overheating.
    Innovative twist to open and close charging port cover design that still maintains waterproof ability.
    Ergonomic and user-friendly design. Pop-out lanyard hole for thicker chord to support the weight of the light while still being discrete. Milled finger grooves for a natural and comfortable grip.
    Multi-function indicator under the side switch. It can work as location indicator, flashlight status indicator, and low battery indicator.
    Comes with Olight's 5 Year Warranty

    The specifications:

    LED: 3 x Cree XHP70 CW
    Max Output (lumens): 12000
    Low (lumens): 10
    Max Run Time: 30 days
    Beam Distance: 380 m / 1247 ft.
    Peak Beam Intensity (candela units): 36100 cd
    Water Resistance: IPX7 (up to 1 meter)
    Head Diameter: 2.67 in. / 68 mm
    Body Diameter: 2.04 in. / 52 mm
    Length: 5.08 in. / 129 mm
    Battery Type: 18650 customized
    Weight (oz): 23.46 / 665g

    And the output and runtime specs:


    I have to say to Olight has the leading position when we look at the way they pack their actual flashlights. This manufacturer really takes care about their boxes, also the X7R-box looks very neat. The sealed box comes in black, white, blue and green color and look attractive. The front shows the light and some important output-specifications, on the back we see all features and an output and runtime chart. The flip has a magnet built-in that makes it easy to open and lock the box. In the box we see two sections, one for the X7R and one for the accessories. Icons tell whatís in, on the flip you see the steps that you must follow before first use. All we need is in; a specialty is the charger that has an output of 4 Amps! I would like to see all flashlights packed in a box like this! Special thanks to Skyben Trade for the neat delivery! Please scroll down to watch some pictures about the box and what you can find inside!

    the box of the X7R is sealed

    and comes in nice black, blue, white and green color

    main output specs can be found on the front

    full specifications on the back

    a magnetic flip covers the two sections inside

    inside: X7R, holster, manual, charger and cable and lanyard


    About my first impression I can be short: like the X7 Marauder this updated version is also a high-quality flashlight; excellent built, very well finished. Happy with this, on the other hand a light in this price-range has to be a quality-tool in my opinion. Also this X7R is perfectly anodized and engraved, does not have sharp parts and has no visible defects in the reflector. Both light miss a good anti-rolling design, this should be one of the things that Olight can work on. Compared to the X7 Marauder the three XHP70 LEDS are positioned much better in the reflector and almost perfectly centered. A great performance of the manufacturer is that the rechargeable version of this light has about the same dimensions, and also a bunch of extra features built-in. So, at first sight both X7Rís seem to be almost equal, but having a closer look at both big-lumens torches show a lot of differences. The X7R has a another body with renewed structure and three cut-outs that are designed for your fingers. This should give better grip; but to me, the X7 has the better grip. This doesnít mean that the X7R will slip out of your hand easily. Another striking detail is that the X7R has a loop to add the lanyard. Nice find of the manufacturer is that this fixation for the lanyard can be put back into the body. A lot of users will be happy with this update. The head of the X7R is also different; itís not fully rounded but has an updated shape around the power button that makes it a lot easier to locate the switch. Next update here: the button has an illuminated ďOĒ in the middle. This button will you inform about the battery status, but has besides also an feature that I never met on a flashlight until now: a motion-sensor: If you touch the X7R or the place near to it, the ďOĒ will light up for about 10 seconds. This makes it very easy to locate the light; I have to say that I really love this feature. Looking into and comparing both head they seems almost the same, but thereís again a difference here; and this is again a piece of high-tech: Next to reflector of the X7R a little sensor is built-in: This is a dimmer that works in the three highest modes and protects your eyes against damage. When you are shining close to an object or person in one of these modes, the light will automatically downshift to the second of third output level. Nice to see when you shining at wall at get to close that the X7R will dim and go back to last used level when you keep distance to the object. Looking at both tails we see that the X7R missed a cap because it canít be opened. Instead of this the back is used to cover and recover the USB-charging port, and has therefore an update structure. Turn the ring at the back counterclockwise to recover the port, turn it clockwise to protect the charging port from dust and water. Again a very nice and high-solution by Olight! The only thing that I have against is that it only is IPX7. So beware that you donít drop your X7R frequently in the water, its only splash-resistant. Summarizing, we can say the X7R Marauder again looks and feels like an excellent machined and finished product that got an almost complete new design; besides the recharging-option the light got above that some interesting new features that make a flashlight user-friendly. I took a lot of pictures of the X7R, also compared to the previous version; please scroll down to watch them!

    the update to the powerful Olight X7 Marauder

    a rechargeable version that has an increase of 3000 lumens!

    stands very stable both on head as tail

    not palm/size, but very compact its performance

    nice appearance

    powered by three XHP70 LEDS

    the light misses an anti-roll design

    so much power that comes out of a can-sized flashlight!

    matte black with nice metallic-blue accents

    anodizing and engraving job done very well

    the XHP70ís are centered well

    renewed headsí shape to makes finding the power button easier

    integrated ďOĒ for power indication an motion-sensor

    some close-ups: new styling on the body and the tail

    engraving is clear

    the three powerful quad-LEDS

    a close-up to the built-in light-sensor

    to loop to add the lanyard

    that you can pull out if you need it

    stiff button with clear pressure point

    a GIF how the motion sensor works

    this is how is looks in the dark; you can locate your X7R easily!

    machining and finishing is well done, no sharp parts or defects anywhere

    a look at the USB type-C charging port

    that can be discovered and covered by turning the ring

    a nice solution to protect it from dust and water; but itís only IPX7

    it needs a dedicated plug, a micro-USB charger wonít fit

    quick charging, output up to 4 Amps!

    lights up red during charging and green if finished

    orange-peel reflectors for smooth beams

    not that deep, so a wall of light at closer distance

    this is one of the most impressive flashlights I ever met!

    superb quality and a lot of innovative options

    a lanyard is new to the X7R

    a must be fixed this way

    Iím sure that most users will like this ďsafety-updateĒ

    the X7R Marauder in the pouch

    fits well, good protection

    some outdoor-shots

    I like the looks of this compact monster!

    looking at both X7ís you see a lot of differences

    difference in knurling and tail

    the heads are almost equal except the built-in light-sensor

    renewed body with a lanyard loop on the X7R

    the X7R has cut-outs in the body for your fingers; but the X7 has better grip

    powered by the same emitters, that are centered better at the X7R Marauder

    a complete renewed back

    User interface:

    The X7R has about the same dimensions and weight as the previous version, so when you pick both, thereís no big difference here. Olight has renewed the body structure / knurling on the X7R; it has three cut-outs for your fingers to ensure good grip. To me, the structure of the previous X7 wasnít that bad and I have to say the first version has the better grip.

    A big plus to the rechargeable version is that you donít need to buy dedicated high-drain 18650-cells to get the maximum output out of your X7. The previous X7 has some issues after its introduction with the cells; by releasing the X7R with built-in pack this issue is solved now. On the other hand, some user may have the opportunity to take some spare-batteries in case of emergency. Personally, Iím very happy with this rechargeable; I never used a light that long that the cells were depleted.

    The X7R Marauder comes with a ďheavyĒ charger that has an amazing output op to 4 Amps! Beware that you cannot use this for every Smartphone or something like that! Advantage of this type-C charger is that it charges very quick and that you can plug the jack the way you want: normal or upside down doesnít matter and wonít cause damage to the port. So, a nice update here that has only one disadvantage to me: (Until now) this is my only type-C charger so the bunch of micro-USB cell phone and flashlight chargers that I own wonít fit anymore to the X7R. So, I hope that this C-type chargers will be there on other devices soon. Charging the X7R is easy: plug the connector into the port; the indicator will light up in red and in green if the light is fully charged.

    What I really like and wish on every light is the switch like the X7R has. The ďOĒ in the button lights up when you touch the light, but reacts also at any soft shock when you get near to the X7R. Therefore itís very easy to find the X7R back. Due to this the button is very easy to locate in the dark, also thanks to the headsí shape. It is a stiff switch thatís easy to control and has a little heavy but clear pressure point.

    The interface works at same way as the X7 and most recent Olights. A single press turns on and off the light, you can cycle through low, medium and high by pressing and holding the button. The other three output-levels are hidden: You will step into Nightlight by pressing and holding from off; this is the only way to enter this mode. Turbo is available both from off and on by quick-pressing two times. Turbo S can only be activated out from Turbo by two quick clicks, so one option to enter this 12000-lumens-mode. Strobe mode (highest output level) has to be activated by three quick presses and works both from off and on.

    A special feature on the X7R is the light sensor that will protect your eyes against blinding. When you in Turbo or Turbo S and get close to an object, the light will dim to high mode gradually. I tested it on a white wall; when I got within 30 centimeters the Turbo or Turbo S went back to high after about five seconds and back again in the previous mode when you further away from the object. Nice option, although I have to say that in practice I didnít have that much benefit of this light-sensor.

    I like interfaces like these: Simple and effective. One click for on and off and the very low and high modes hidden, because for daily use the three middle modes will be sufficient. Also the bunch of updated and innovative options show that Olight listens to what customers want and advise. Good job of the manufacturer here!


    The X7R has many modes, six in total. Good job here of the manufacturer because there a big range between 1 and 12000. The levels are in order of: NIGHTLIGHT > LOW > MEDIUM > HIGH > TURBO > TURBO S. The NIGHTLIGHT-mode is a good and economical low, that should give runtimes up to an month. After that youíll jump into a ďbigĒ 500 lumens, so no other real low on this light. But this is a but lumens-torch, and designed and made for big output. To me, the spacing is good. Two instant modes on the normal levels; direct-NIGHTLIGHT and direct-TURBO. One special mode can be found on the X7R: STROBE. This is a direct-mode. The X7R has LOCK-OUT: press and hold the switch (from off) for longer that three seconds to (de)activate. When you press the button in this LOCK-OUT, the light will only blink once. The X7R has LOW-VOLTAGE indication, that is built-in into the motion-sensor: the ďOĒ in the switch will light up in red when the battery gets low. Iím happy with the modes that the X7R has: not to many, clearly arranged and also some user-friendly features added.

    Size comparison:

    Showing you some side-by-side and head-to-head shots now: The X7R next to the X7 and another light that uses the same LEDS, the Niwalker MM25MB. As you can see here, those three are almost equal to each-other, which will make the shoot-out later in this review a very interesting chapter!

    18650-cell, Olight X7 Marauder, Olight X7R Marauder and Niwalker MM25MB

    Olight X7 Marauder, Olight X7R Marauder and Niwalker MM25MB

    Olight X7 Marauder, Olight X7R Marauder and Niwalker MM25MB

    the heads: all powered by three XHP70 LEDS

    the tails: Olight X7 Marauder, Olight X7R Marauder and Niwalker MM25MB


    Most XHP70 LEDS that Iíve seen now show a good tint but some light-green to yellow in the corona and spill. Same to the X7R here; thereís no big difference in tint here compared to the X7 and the MM25MB.


    The three XHP70 emitters create a very big spot, a little corona and bright and equal spill. So, we see a combination of impressive flood here that also reaches a good, (letís name it medium) distance. So, this light is a great pick to create a wall of light at about 100-150 meters. Despite this light uses three LEDS, thereís no angular shape in the beam; I couldnít detect defects, neither PWM. So, a nice profile that can be used best a shorter up to medium distance.


    Time to see how this big-lumens-light performs! Starting, as usual, by showing some indoor shots. The beam of the X7R projected on a white wall, distance about 1 meters away. The six levels shown here, after that a GIF.

    Camera-settings: ISO100, F/2.7, WB daylight, 1/125 sec, 35mm


    Going outdoors with the X7R Marauder now, letís see how this impressive light performs! As usual, Iíll show you firstly the six output-levels and after that a GIF. Next up some shoot-outs against the X7-brother and the Niwalker MM25MB. I used the same camera settings as always; you can see the at close range the pictures seem to be over exposed, but these XHP70-lights are very bright.

    Camera-settings: ISO100, F/2.7, WB daylight, 4 sec, 35mm

    a GIF:

    Big question for a lot of users: Is the X7R much brighter that the previous version? I can tell and show you that the R-version has more brightness and throw; which can be seen at the picture below. A first look, it seems that the output is almost equal; but look at the wall at the right and the tree-trunks at medium distance. But itís true that a step of about 3000 lumens up is not the same to your eyes as (for example) the step between 100 and 3100 lumens.

    the X7R against the X7-brother, both on Turbo S

    The MM25MB has big flood too, but less lumens, which is clearly visible. The X7R gives more output, especially at medium distance.

    the X7R against the Niwalker MM25MB, both lights on highest level

    I took the X7R to some other locations, and Iíll share the pictures I took there with you. First picture is the X7R that lights up a couple of big trees.

    the Olight X7R Marauder at highest level

    The X7R Marauder in action on a riversí side. This picture shows that it has good throw too.

    the Olight X7R Marauder at highest level

    See the big flood here; but also the trees and bushes at medium distance will be light up completely.

    Olight X7R Marauder at highest level


    Iím really impressed by this update. It is has more stable output thanks to the built-in battery; above that the X7R has clearly more output that the previous version. The overall quality is, like the X7, very good; the finishing of the X7R is improved, which you can see at (for example) the centered of the emitters. The X7R got more user-friendly thanks to some additions and new features: Iím really a fan of the motion-sensor, and hope weíll see this back often in new releases. The lanyard-hole is a good add too, you donít have to worry anymore that the light can fall out of your hand. Charging goes very quick thanks to the USB-C port; mind that you always need the right charger and plug. The output is impressive; what a wall of light comes out of this can-sized flashlight!

    No wishes left? Personally I would like to have momentary-on and a power-bank option.

    My conclusion is that the X7R is one of the greatest flashlights I ever met, itís not a cheap one, but I can strongly recommend it!

    Special thanks to SkyBen Trade and Olightworld for providing me the X7R!

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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com

    Great review! This little monster is definitely on the wish list!

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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com

    Great test, the niwalker really surprised me for one I had never heard of!!

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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com


    Does this light provide a voltage read out at all?


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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com

    What is the working voltage or battery configuration? Nice review. .

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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com

    Quote Originally Posted by Sun Boy View Post

    Does this light provide a voltage read out at all?

    No; only low voltage warning: the indicator will light up in red.

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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com

    But... if your target is at say 200y, doesn't going from 3000 to 12000 actually decrease the detail you can discern, because the amount of light bouncing back from the near field blinds you?

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    Default Re: Review: Olight X7R Marauder: 3xXHP70, 12000 lumens, rechargeable, (beam)shots,com

    Had mine since Christmas and I canít say this has been anything I noticed. Itís certainly floody. I really like it so far!

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