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Thread: FD65 quick opinion

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    Default FD65 quick opinion

    This FD65 opinion is based on one evening walk of about an hour.

    - The FD65 is well made.
    - I really like the separate up and down output switches, either of which will serve as an on/off switch. very effective in use.
    - no battery cage. internal cell contacts are all on springs. battery cap has no springs.
    - maximum output seems less than 3800 lumens, but definitely above 3000 lumens.
    - the rotation of the focus is smooth but stiff, about 90 deg between wide and narrow stops.
    - the tightest focus is not at the narrow stop, but rather seveal degrees off the narrow stop.
    - the beam color is definitely _neutral_ white. very nice!
    - unfortunately the FD65 neutral white makes my too-warm FD45 beam color look even worse. I do not like warm white beam colors! I may dispose of the FD45.
    - there is no hole in the FD65 beam at any spread. There is an obvious ring in the beam that forms during transition between narrow and wide - not objectionable and not really visible outside.
    - 4x18650 cells makes for a relatively heavy light, but it is still jacket-pocketable. The holster is well done.
    - The narrowest beam setting is wider than the FD45 or the TK75.
    - the wrist strap is braided nylon and leather stops. well executed.

    My shortest opinion, I strongly prefer the FD65 over the FD45!

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    Default Re: FD65 quick opinion

    Hi moldyoldy,

    Thanks very much for your sharging, just right here struggle, now I know which one fits.

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    Default Re: FD65 quick opinion

    Thank you for the quick down and dirty of this light. Waiting to close on a new house so I can buy some new lights, this being one of them.
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