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Thread: Thorfire TD26 Flashlight review (dive light / EDC light)

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    Default Thorfire TD26 Flashlight review (dive light / EDC light)

    I was approached by Phoebe over at Thorefire asking if I was interested in reviewing their new Thorfire TD26 flashlight and I was more than happy to oblige. The light is a 100% waterproof light marketed as a dive light/EDC light. I will be reviewing it as a dive light and as an EDC light as two separate reviews against my two personal dive lights and my to favorite (high end) etc lights and grade it as honestly as I am able.

    The spreadsheet below breaks down all technical specifications between the dive lights, EDC lights and the Throrefire TD 26.

    Thorfire TD26:
    I love the appearance, quality, LED choice and simple UI of the Throfire TD26, especially at a $50 price point. The flashlight is very nicely machined out of aluminum with a HAIII coating and is entirely waterproof. The raw aluminum button has a very smooth and tactile-less transition between settings and has a very simple and user-friendly UI (low, med, high, turbo, low, med,Ö.). The light utilizes a CREE XPL (neutral tint) LED, this is an excellent LED choice which has a nice neutral tint and provides 100,000 hours of life. In the box, it also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, charger, lanyard, and extra O rings.

    Dive Light Comparison:

    As a dive light, I feel that the light is excellent in terms of the LED choice, variations in settings (L, M, H, T) and the strong hot spot which is very helpful in spotting fish at a distance. The XPL Led is neutral in terms of tint and will not distort color much. LEDs are great for diving as they utilize low amounts of energy, have a life of approximately 100,000 hours and theres no filament to break, making it much tougher. The settings are also nicely spaced as you can keep it on high/turbo to spot fish, and turn it on low when approaching without the light going off in between turbo and high. Two minor critiques that I have are the color and the shape. Having reflective tape, or bright colors are important in my opinion as it is very helpful if/when you drop your light or it dies at night. This has happened numerous times to me and if youʻre not wearing the lanyard (Iím guilty here at times!) it can be troublesome to find. My other critique is the shape, UK utilizes a pistol or lantern style grip and both are very ergonomic. If youʻre diving for 2-3 hours, your hand will fatigue with this style light.

    EDC Comparison:

    As an EDC style light, I think this light is excellent for the aforementioned reasons (in the dive light section), but the sizing, weight, and ability to recharge this light is excellent! I actually keep this light in my work bag as a backup for my primary EDC light. My only complaint as an EDC style light is the size. When compared to my Macs and Mcgizmo, its significantly larger, however as a light for a backpack or car light it shines.

    My overall impressions are at $50 (Click for Amazon link) it is a great deal, Thorfire also has a 30% off coupon code (BB34UAUZ) that they have provided for you to use if youʻre so inclined to check this light, or any of their other lights out.

    Mahalo Thorfire and hope you all enjoy the review!
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