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Thread: Hello from Oz

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    Default Hello from Oz

    Hi guys,

    I'd like to introduce myself.
    I'm from Sydney, Australia. I like funky stuff and probably like gadgets a bit more than my wallet would like LOL

    I've been a member a while ago at CPF, but for the life of me couldn't remember my login details nor the email I registered with.

    I have a few lights, mainly from flashlight companies and nothing overtly special. I'm looking to hanging around a bit more here to learn from people who have much more knowledge and can help me get some nicer tougher and custom lights in more exotic materials to match my pens and knives.

    Steep learning curve from here on in I'd say


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    Default Re: Hello from Oz

    Hey mate welcome.

    I am from Sydney also there are a few on of us on here.

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    Default Re: Hello from Oz

    Hi Dan thankfully i have not been bitten by the pen(have a few but not extreme) and knife(again have a few, but nothing custom) bug!

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