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Thread: For Sale: Brand New BLF A6 (SOLD)

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    Default For Sale: Brand New BLF A6 (SOLD)

    Hi Folks,

    I was hoping to fulfill a need for a single 18650, and I ordered two of a few lights (including a few Convoy S2+), so now I don't need some of them. It's brand new, in box, only tested to ensure functionality. No battery included. I literally received this little guy last week. The box and light say BLF, the label says Astrolux, as you know are the same thing.

    $SOLDORAMA shipping included only to the continental 50 USA states.

    Edit: This is the 3D model, 5000k.


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    Default Re: For Sale: Brand New BLF A6

    I'll take it buddy. Please pm me for PayPal thank you !

    UPDATE: PayPal has been sent!
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    Default Re: For Sale: Brand New BLF A6

    This puppy has been sold! Ejjoy!

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    Default Re: For Sale: Brand New BLF A6

    Management requests the sale price be left unedited for historical purposes.

    ~ Cg
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